For Grades 4TH - 9TH

Gain Admission To Top Private Schools
With Personalized ISEE & SSAT Prep

Boost Scores, Build Confidence, & Stand Out with Zinkerz’s Proven Strategies

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Designed to help students in Grades 4-9 achieve their best scores on entrance exams for private and parochial schools. Our comprehensive program combines one-on-one live tutoring with personalized lesson plans, ensuring students arrive on test day with confidence and readiness.

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What is the price for Zinkerz test prep lessons?

Our test prep is $120 per 50 minute lesson. With package deals available.

For detailed pricing tailored to your specific requirements, please schedule a call with our team, and we’ll be happy to provide a personalized quote.

Are classes online?

Yes, our tutoring sessions are held 100% virtual.

Is Zinkerz accessible to international students?

Absolutely. Zinkerz has a legacy of success spanning 105 countries. Our virtual platform allows us to support students globally, helping them navigate the college admissions process and achieve acceptance into their top-choice universities.

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