30-Minute TOEFL Speaking Evaluation

30-Minute TOEFL Speaking Evaluation

$25.00 30 minutes

In this 30-minute speaking evaluation, you will have the chance to complete a full speaking test with one of our trained educators. You will receive direct feedback and identify areas for improvement.



Preparing for the TOEFL but not sure how to assess your speaking ability? Looking for an opportunity to practice with a native speaker? Our TOEFL Speaking Evaluation provides the perfect platform to prepare for this section of the TOEFL exam. In a 30-minute live session with one of our experienced educators, you will have the chance to:

  1. complete a full speaking section 
  2. receive real-time feedback on your performance and ways to improve
  3. discuss an overview of the speaking section and tips and tricks for earning your best score yet, and more!

Who is this for?

Any individual who is studying for the TOEFL and who wants a personalized assessment of their speaking performance. Ideal for those looking for the opportunity to practice with a native English speaker and gain confidence in the speaking section of the TOEFL exam.

Whats Included?

  • Full speaking practice test 
  • Live, personalized feedback and assessment of responses
  • Overview of the speaking portion of the TOEFL
  • Tips and tricks for the speaking section
  • Question and answer session

What will you accomplish?

Participating in our Speaking Evaluation leads to targeted, more efficient studying and greater confidence on test day. The more practice you gain in exam situations, the more naturally you will be able to respond to the variety of questions and prompts thrown your way in the independent and integrated speaking tasks of the TOEFL.


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