How to prepare in the last week before your big test

how to prepare for your big test

How to prepare in the last week before your big test

In the final days before taking a big test like the SAT® or SAT Subject Test®, it’s important to remain focused on your goals. Students will show off their hard work and knowledge in the test room.

Here are some tips on how to prepare each day of the week:

7–6 Days Before the Test: Review

Spend some time reviewing the test. This is a good time to refresh your mind of the information you’ve struggled with the most — maybe even take a practice test again!

5–4 Days Before the Test: Organize

Make sure to look up all the details relating to the day of the test. Do you know where the test center is and how long it takes to drive there? Do you know the time of your test? How about paperwork?

Some tests ask that you bring a passport or driver’s license to the exam. Search the internet for information relating to the day of your test, and write down a list of all the important facts so you won’t forget.

3 Days Before the Test: Rest

It’s important to be in good health on the day of your test. Try to go to sleep early in the final days leading up to the test, make sure all your homework for school in done so you won’t need to worry about it on Friday night, and maintain a healthy diet. If your body is in tip-top shape, your brain will be too.

Day Before the Test: Prepare

The day before the test is the day to prepare! All the studying is done, so put the flashcards aside and focus on staying calm. Prepare a bag or backpack with pencils, your calculator, a water bottle, all the necessary identification cards and papers, and healthy snacks.

Set your alarm clock (or several alarm clocks) for a time a few hours before you should be at the exam. Get to bed early, but don’t worry if you have trouble falling asleep — just stay relaxed, and good things will come your way.

Day of the Test: Perform

It’s test day! Be sure to wake up a few hours before the exam is set to begin, even if the test center is nearby — you don’t want to be half awake when it’s time to perform! Eat a filling and healthy breakfast, but avoid caffeine (unless you’re used to drinking a cup of coffee in the morning).

Fill up your water bottle and try to stay calm and focused. Instead of being nervous, remember how hard you’ve studied over the last few months; you are ready to do your best!

Good luck. We know you can do this.

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