Our exceptional counseling service has consistently delivered results. Our counselors work closely with each family to develop a one-of-a-kind plan to create competitive application packages to the top colleges.


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Our exceptional counseling service has consistently delivered results. Our counselors work closely with each family to develop a one-of-a-kind plan to create competitive application packages to the top colleges and universities in the country.







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We strive to have every student get into the college of their dreams by finding the perfect fit. With our knowledge, experience, and dedication, we help guide each student to the perfect school for them. Our passion for helping each individual be their best self allows every student to rise to their potential!





Mordejai Burstein

CEO & Head Counselor

“Zinkerz is really about introspection. The most important thing is getting the best out of each student by making them realize that they are great the way they are. Results are important, but the best result is finding the right path for each student. ” 

Kaitlin M.

College Counseling Coordinator

Victoria H.

College Counseling Coordinator

Ethan R.

College Counseling Coordinator

Kaitlin M.

College Counseling Coordinator

Victoria H.

College Counseling Coordinator

Ethan R.

College Counseling Coordinator

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How it works


Our roadmap for success is personalized for each student we work with. Whether you are a high school Freshman or Senior, looking to transfer or apply to post-graduate opportunities, or anything in between, we help guide you every step of the way. While each student’s journey looks a little different based on their needs, all students benefit from a flexible process and individualized attention

Discuss Goals & Next Steps

To start the process, all prospective students will receive a phone consultation with our college counselor. The purpose of this consultation is for our team to learn more about you: your interests, academic record, and admission goals.

Figure Out a Plan of Action

Your Zinkerz counselor will advise you on your curriculum, academic interests, extracurriculars, supplementary test preparation and courses, and college visits. Your counselor works with you to develop a college list that balances your applicant profile with your future education goals, and creates a plan of action to ensure you gain admission to schools of your choice.

Complete Application Package

Your counselor will help you create a winning application package. You’ll work with your counselor to brainstorm and develop essays that answer the required prompts, and our editors will help you edit your final draft. Your counselor will also help you choose recommendation letters and showcase your extracurricular activities.

Send Your Applications

Let us worry about your application deadlines. Your counselor will compile and review your application package, ensure you’ve completed all the necessary documents, and prepare you for any interviews. Once you hear back from schools, your counselor will help you select a college or university that best fits your interests and potential.


Georgetown ‘23

Read about Victoria's journey


Northwestern ‘23

Read about Inacio's journey


Penn ‘23

Read about Valentina's journey


Duke ‘22

Read about David's journey

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One key to the college application process is organization. With so many test score reports,
official school forms, and college specific documents, it’s easy to get overwhelmed!
Our unique platform shows you an up to the minute status of all the tasks needed to apply to
college. So, whether you’re applying to one college or twenty, we’ve made it easy for you.

Detailed tasks & goals

Get in-depth information about each step to completing your application for each college.

Always supporting

Schedule a meeting with your counselor at a time that fits your schedule

Manage everything

Upload and store all documents, forms, and reports in a secure and safe place

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Our Students Have Been Admitted To


Worldwide Admission Rate
Zinkerz Student Admission Rate
University of Pennsylvania
Georgetown University
New York University
Northwestern University
University of Michigan

Victoria C.


Georgetown U.

Also admitted to

UC Berkeley, UCLA, and Northwestern

“It was a great experience. I was entirely satisfied with the results”.


SAT Score Improvement

President of her school’s coding and feminist club

Victoria Chertorivski pursued her dream of attending a prestigious university with invaluable guidance from Zinkerz. She diligently followed the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum at her high school, setting her sights on top-tier institutions.

A pivotal part of Victoria’s success story was her engagement with Zinkerz’s college counseling program. The Zinkerz team played a critical role in helping Victoria craft a compelling application strategy, providing expert advice and invaluable editing support for her application essays. This personalized guidance was instrumental in securing her place at Georgetown and other esteemed institutions.

Inacio J.


Northwestern U.

Early Decision

“We were extremely pleased with the whole process”. - Inacio's parents


SAT Score Improvement

Drummer of his school's jazz band and treasurer of student council.

Inacio Johannpeter embarked on his college application journey with Zinkerz as his trusted partner. Much like his older sister, Inacio was determined to make the most of his high school career and had his top choice set on Northwestern.

Inacio’s academic journey included rigorous preparation for standardized tests, particularly the SAT.

Under the guidance of Zinkerz, he attended SAT courses and took part in Sunday mocks, demonstrating his commitment to achieving his best possible score.

Valentina C.


U. of Pennsylvania

Early Decision

“I loved working with zinkerz! They supported me through the college application process and the classes I took were very helpful!”


SAT Score Improvement

Volunteer art teacher for children and collaborator in housing projects for underprivileged neighborhoods.

Valentina Conde pursued her passion for architecture with the invaluable support of Zinkerz. She aspired to attend her top-choice school, the University of Pennsylvania, and was determined to make her dream a reality.

Valentina’s journey with Zinkerz encompassed various aspects, including IB economics homework help and Duolingo preparation. Her commitment to academic excellence extended to the SAT, which she took an impressive seven times. Zinkerz played a significant role in helping her register for these tests and provided SAT classes and marathons to enhance her performance and raise her score.

David A.


Frame 328

Duke University

Also admitted to

USC, Emory, BU, and U Michigan

“Zinkerz classes have definitely help me prepare for college as they showcase excellent learning strategies and patience along my college application journey!”.


SAT Score Improvement

Intern at the United Nations and treasurer of Ni Uno Más, a youth-run anti-bullying organization in Panama

David Cohen had his sights set on attending Duke University, a prestigious institution. His journey to college success was characterized by academic excellence and active involvement in extracurricular activities.

His accomplishments highlighted his commitment to both global issues and his local community. David’s journey exemplified the impact of Zinkerz’s support in helping students excel academically and achieve their dreams of attending prestigious institutions.