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School entrance exams are required for many students to gain admittance to private schools. Students spend time learning how to maximize their scores on the exams and learn concepts and test-taking skills.



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What is a good SAT® score?

A good SAT® score really depends on the student and their aspirations. For example, if you’re applying to Harvard and have a 1200 SAT® score, it’s unlikely you’ll get in since Harvard’s average score is typically over 1500. That being said, if you’re applying to Michigan State University with that same score, that would be competitive for your college application.

Generally, in our opinion, anything that falls into the top 30% of graduating high school students should be considered a good SAT® score. When you review the 2019 SAT® score trends, you see the nationally representative sample average SAT® score is 1120. The 70th percentile SAT® test taker is 1170.

The former number compares how students did on the SAT® to an overall sample of all students grades 11-12, regardless of whether or not they took the SAT®. The latter number applies the actual scores of students in the past three graduating classes to the latest SAT®.

A decent SAT® score would probably be something around the 50th percentile. Using the nationally representative sample, you’d find this to be a 1010. Looking at just SAT® test takers, the 50th percentile SAT® score would be between a 1050 and 1060.

A bad SAT® score is quite subjective, but if you were looking at it from a percentiles standpoint, it could be any score below the 25th percentile. Looking at the nationally representative sample, this is between 870 and 880. For just SAT® test takers, it’d be a 910.

I’ve heard a lot of schools are SAT® optional now, is the exam still worth taking?

While it’s true that some institutions no longer require standardized test scores for admission, there are still compelling reasons to consider taking the SAT®. The SAT® can be a valuable asset for demonstrating preparedness for college-level work. Regardless of a school’s test-optional policy, a strong SAT® score can provide evidence of a student’s academic capabilities and readiness for the challenges of higher education. 

Moreover, preparing for the SAT® can enhance critical thinking, analytical reasoning, and time management skills—essential attributes for success in college. We’ll help you hone these skills for the exam, contributing to overall academic development.

While test-optional policies provide flexibility, some students may still choose to submit SAT® scores to bolster their applications, especially if they have strong performances. Additionally, certain scholarship opportunities or specific programs within colleges may still require or prefer standardized test scores.

In essence, taking the SAT® can be a strategic decision, showcasing a commitment to academic excellence and readiness for the challenges of higher education. By offering targeted preparation, Zinkerz can empower students to perform at their best, hopefully helping you to consider the SAT®, even in a test-optional environment.

Why should I use this SAT® score calculator?

Firstly, we understand that the significance of an SAT® score goes beyond a simple numeric value. With our calculator, you get more than just a number; you get insights into your performance based on each section of the SAT® exam, helping you grasp your strengths and areas for improvement. Our tool provides an adaptive analysis of your scores, offering detailed breakdowns. Whether you’re aiming for the perfect score or just starting off and trying to boost your score, our calculator is designed to help you understand the nuances of your performance and how to understand your score as well.

Our calculator is designed to provide valuable insights into your exam preparation. It’s not just about the final result; it’s about the journey. In addition to Zinkerz courses, this score calculator can help you understand, for instance, how much better you would need to do on a section to boost your score, or which areas you can afford to get one or two wrong on if you’re already doing well!

Why choose Zinkerz’ Score Calculator? Because we’re not just about the numbers; we’re about your growth, understanding, and readiness for the academic road ahead. When combined with our classes and curriculum, this Calculator is your gateway to mastering the art of SAT® exam success. Use it to make your SAT® journey and transition into graduate studies truly worthwhile!

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